For all intents and purposes, abstract photography does not tell a story. It invites your imagination to come to life and create a feeling using shapes, color, textures, and forms. It does not depict visual reality in the photograph. So what does this mean? Abstract photography or art doesn’t have a meaning or explanation. It’s up to the observer to decide what’s being represented. Just like a Rorschach Test, everyone sees something different. All you need is a big imagination and an open mind.

We can create abstract photography in many ways. Intentional camera movement (ICM), photographing a reflection in moving water, finding interesting patterns such as fractals, macro photography, and many more ways. Maybe you’re at the beach, but the clear skies are creating a boring sunrise. Look for patterns in the sand. The concept is simple, the execution is difficult. Not only does abstract photography evoke the imagination of the viewer, as a photographer, the same is true. It’s easy to shoot the grand landscape at sunset or sunrise, but finding small details or using ICM is difficult without imagination.

long exposure of a crashing wave on the beach in california.

Sitting on the beach waiting for sunset watching the waves crash against the shore line. I thought about a video I watched where the photographer was using a telephoto lens and long exposure to capture the movement. Thought I would give a try and it worked out well. I took about 100 photos just to get 1 good one but I had nothing else to do while waiting for sunset. Limited Edition of 100 prints available.


As a photographer, abstract photography is a great way to expand your imagination and encourage you to look at subjects differently. A way to express ideas and emotions through a photograph. As a large fine art print hanging in your home, it gives you the freedom to see and feel what you want. This could change every day. One day you’re looking at the sea, the next you're in the mountains. The meaning of the image becomes subjective. You decide what’s represented, not the image.

Abstract photographs are simple. They could be color/pattern, lines in the sand, small parts of large scene, etc. They don’t represent a location and can be photographed anywhere. Studies show abstract art frees the mind from reality, removing the details of daily life. By the nature of abstract photography, your eyes will move around the image more freely than a traditional landscape photo. This causes a more cognitive approach that non-abstract images can’t do.

Unless you’re a travel photographer, traveling doesn’t happen that often for unique photos. A few times a year at most. I get tired of photographing the same subjects over and over in Seattle. Creating abstract images is an opportunity to get new images. I will stop by the flower shop, buy a bouquet and can spend the next 2 days or more finding abstract, macro images. This is fun when the weather sucks. Maybe try macro with intentional camera movement. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination. Now you can create images that are unique without leaving home. Hero shots are great but being unique sets us apart.

macro photography of a pink rose.

The weather has been terrible in the Pacific Northwest this fall so I thought I would break out the macro lens, buy some flowers and stay inside. The pink color and petal design brings a warm feeling to cold, rainy days. Every time I look at this image, it reminds me of warmer days as it's pouring rain and windy in the PNW. Limited Edition of 100 prints available.


Purchasing limited edition fine art abstract prints can take time to find the right piece. Or, “I like this, I’m going to buy it”. Look at the image and figure out what feelings it evokes. Is there meaning to the print? Abstract prints will say something to you. Remember, what it says is different for everyone. The purpose of the image will resonate with you on a level that traditional nature and landscape images won’t. What about the image do you like? Is it the balance of shapes, the texture, the colors? Colors can bring deeper meaning to image since they're usually symbolic.

How does the abstract image fit with your home decor? What is the size of the wall? These are just a couple of questions you need to ask before making the purchase. You’re also looking for wall art and not just pictures. What size of print, what medium (Metal, Acrylic, Giclee Paper Print)? A nice size print for abstract wall art should be around 60%-75% of the wall not covered by furnishings. If the wall art is going above furniture, the width should be around 66%-75% the width of the furniture and around 6 to 12 inches above. A nice, large print will be the center of attention for any room.

fall color in colorado on the last dollar road.

The fall color of Colorado should not be missed if you have the chance to go. We were on a drive over the Last Dollar Road and came across this scene with all the colors of fall. I struggled to find a composition I liked because there was so much to photograph but some of the trees weren't cooperating. Constantly changing my focal length, I found a scene I was looking for with just the right amount of each fall color. Limited Edition of 100 prints available.


Many abstract artists are capable of creating lifelike images. Great abstract artists understand color and shapes and how they work together. The artists choose to create abstract images for emotion. Although most viewers who don' understand abstract art will see and think "my 5 year old can do that". But what they don't realize is the color and shapes were chosen for a purpose and not at random. Don't try to pinpoint the meaning of the art. When you listen to music, a single note is not what the the song is about. Just like abstract art, it's about the entire image as a whole. Open your mind and feel how the shapes, colors, and lines affect you. Relax your eyes and let them wander around the image. Abstract art is an experience. Don't try to put the image into words, let the piece take you somewhere and focus on the feelings. It's best to view abstract art in person versus on a screen so if you get the chance, go to an art gallery and see for yourself.


One of the more important parts of fine art prints hanging on the wall is lighting. The type, temperature, and direction of light can make or break the image. The most important thing is to avoid direct sunlight. Besides the glare, the print will fade and after spending thousands of dollars, a fine art print fading is the last thing you want to happen. The proper angle for the light should be 30 degrees to reduce glare and directed at the center of the image. Ceiling mount or recessed lighting works the best since you can change the angle as needed. You want to use LED bulbs if possible and the temperature should be around 2000-3000 kelvin. This will have a nice, soft glow on the prints. Check out my Properly Lighting Your Fine Art Prints post for a more in-depth explanation.


Abstract wall art prints are a good way to evoke your imagination. Everyone will get a different feeling when looking at the print. Abstract prints are a good way to escape reality of your daily life. And we all need that from time to time. Let your mind wander to a distant location, free of work, hassles, noises, and anything else. The point is, abstract art is good for the soul and you can find many images in my Abstract and Macro Photography Gallery.

macro photo of a white and green chrysanthemum

I think this is a chrysanthemum but I'm not a flower guy so I really don't know. I thought it looked nice with the green fingers in the middle and pink in the corner. I was having fun with my macro photography set up during a wet and windy day in Seattle. Maybe I should learn flower names if I'm going to shoot macro photography of flowers. Just an idea.

Castles of Bryce

The rising sun lighting up the Hoodoos of Bryce National Park. Bryce has some of the most interesting scenery I have seen. All the different Hoodoos, colors, and trees scattered throughout the landscape should be enjoyed by everyone. Just remember, Bryce is high altitude. I think it's around 7000 feet at the entrance and 9000 feet at the end of the road. Limited Edition of 100 prints available.