As the proprietor of Randy Bott Photography, it can be time-consuming to distribute fine art prints to the public. In recent times, there has been a surge in websites that sell various art forms like sculptures, paintings, and fine art prints. However, establishing an online presence as a photographer can be quite challenging due to the high level of competition. Fortunately, websites such as Artfinder.com or Fineartamerica.com simplify the process by taking the hard work out of it. By creating a profile and uploading their work to these platforms, artists can leave everything else to the website.

In the past, purchasing fine art photographs was a complicated process. It involved scouring the Yellow Pages of a phone book for fine art galleries, driving to the gallery (if one was located nearby), talking to the front desk person, and so on. The other option was to wait for art fairs, which typically occurred during the summer months. However, if one wanted to purchase a print in the winter, they would have to start all over again and flip through the Yellow Pages. Today, with the plethora of websites offering fine art prints, the process has become much simpler.
Best websites to purchase fine art photography.

While shooting sunset at the Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park, this twisted Juniper tree stood out and needed to be photographed. Although not much was going on with the sky, the alpen glow adding some much needed color to the scene. This national park contains only 12 of the 48 miles of the canyon but are the deepest and most dramatic sections. Very few people visit this national park and is worth stopping by if you are in the area. Limited Edition of 100 prints available.

Direct From The Artist

Purchasing fine art prints directly from the artist is often the best option. It allows for a more personal connection between the buyer and the artist. When buying directly from the artist, they can provide additional information about the artwork, its creation, and offer customization options, such as different print sizes. This is not always possible when buying from third-party websites like Singulart.com or Saatchiart.com. Additionally, buying directly from the artist typically means lower prices, as there are no commissions paid to galleries or other intermediaries. If you're interested in purchasing fine art prints, take a look at my Fine Art Galleries and don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or requests.

Fine Art America

Fineartamerica.com is a convenient and comprehensive platform for purchasing fine art photography prints. Artists can easily create a profile, upload their images, and start selling prints hassle-free. The company takes care of everything from printing, framing, matting, and shipping on behalf of the artist. The artists have control over setting the price and choosing the available print sizes, while Fine Art America handles the rest. After deducting their modest 5% commission, the profits are sent directly to the artist. This is a significant advantage, as traditional galleries usually take a much higher commission of 50%.

This business model makes it effortless for photographers to sell their prints without the need to create their own website or find a print shop. In addition to fine art prints, Fine Art America also offers home decor products such as bags, coffee mugs, pillows, and more. Their Print On Demand (POD) service ensures that the artwork is not printed until an order is received. With 16 manufacturing facilities located in 5 countries, Fine Art America can provide products to any corner of the world.

How to purchase fine art prints through websites.

As the waves of Cape Disappointment State Park reflect off the wall, they get hit by incoming waves and create massive columns of water. During the big storms in winter, Cape Disappointment will never disappoint. You have to be careful because as the high tide comes in, the waves can crash over the rock wall and cause severe injury if you are too close. The Cape Disappointment Lighthouse creates a perfect backdrop for the large waves. The Lighthouse became the 8th active light on the west coast when it was first fired up on October 15, 1856.

Art Finder

Artfinder.com is an online marketplace designed for artists to sell their fine art prints. Similar to Saatchi Art, artists are responsible for creating the prints and handling the shipping process. After creating the artwork, artists must take a high-resolution photo of it and upload it to their Artfinder profile. One benefit of using Artfinder or Saatchi Art is that artists can limit the number of prints available, which can create greater value compared to open edition prints.

To sell their prints on Artfinder, artists must apply and have an online presence. The commission for selling on Artfinder is between 33% to 40%, which the website claims is reinvested into promoting the artists. Setting up a profile and selling prints on the site is free for artists.


If you're looking for truly unique fine art photography prints, Singulart.com is an excellent choice. This online gallery offers only single-edition prints, meaning no other copies of the artwork will be made. Singulart is highly selective in its artist approval process, considering only those with national recognition and global potential, who have held solo exhibitions and received prestigious art prizes. While the commission rate is not explicitly stated on the site, it's safe to assume that it's similar to the 50% rate charged by most galleries. Each piece of art comes with a signed certificate of authenticity, and in the case of photography, each print is signed and numbered for added exclusivity.

Purchasing fine art from the artist creates a direct connection to the artist.

Where does this bridge go for you? So many choices and each one is up to you. You get to decide where the road is taking you. Wherever you want to go figure out how to get there and take it one day at a time. No excuses, no blaming others. Follow your path and make it what you want. I have been driving past the 21st Street bridge in Tacoma, Washington for years and as I learn more about black and white editing, I finally have a vision of what I want it to look like. Limited Edition of 100 prints available.

Saatchi Art

Saatchiart.com is a highly regarded online gallery that specializes in paintings, drawings, sculptures, and photography at a variety of price points. Unlike Fine Art America, artists are responsible for handling printing, shipping, and other logistics. Saatchi Art is not a Print On Demand (POD) company, so after creating a profile on the website and photographing the art they wish to sell, artists must upload the photographs and wait for the artwork to sell. Once a piece is sold, the artist packages and ships it directly to the buyer. Saatchiart.com then takes a commission of 30% of the sale price. Although the commission is quite high, the artist does not need to create their own website or drive traffic to their site, as Saatchiart.com takes care of those tasks.For buyers, Saatchi Art provides a complimentary art advisory service, similar to a personal art curator. This service assists buyers in finding the perfect piece of art that complements their decor, budget, and design concept.


There are many websites and galleries where you can buy fine art photography prints, with some offering limited editions while others offer open editions. Limited editions tend to be more valuable than open editions, such as those found on Fineartamerica.com. While purchasing directly from the artist is the best option as no commissions are paid and the artist's website is always up to date, it may not always fit within your budget. Therefore, it's important to explore various sites and galleries to find what works best for your budget. Ultimately, your budget should be considered as a key factor when purchasing fine art photography prints.

black and white image of the capitol building in Washington State.

The halls of justice can invoke a myriad of emotions. Whether in color or black and white, everyone sees the justice system of America in a different light. Some good, some bad, some indifferent. Either way, be proud of who you are and always try to do good in this world. Limited Edition of 100 prints available.

470 nm hyper color infrared photo of the space needle from Kerry Park

Infrared photograph of the Space Needle in Seattle with a Hypercolor 470 nm infrared filter. Taken from Kerry Park at blue hour after the city lights have turned on creating a new look on a standard Seattle scene. Image was taken on a full spectrum converted camera by Life Pixel Infrared. You never really know what you will get with infrared photos. That is the fun part. Limited edition of 50 prints available.