Infrared photography is a unique and fascinating field that explores the invisible spectrum of light and transforms it into stunning, otherworldly images. Creating surreal infrared images requires a combination of technical skill and artistic vision. One of the key techniques used in infrared photography is the use of a special filter that blocks visible light and allows only infrared light to pass through to the camera's sensor. This filter can be attached to the camera lens or built into the camera body. Another important factor is the choice of subject matter. Infrared light is absorbed by certain materials and reflected by others, creating different effects on different objects and landscapes. This makes it important for photographers to carefully consider the subjects they wish to capture and how the infrared light will interact with them.

Prints come in a variety of sizes from 16x24 to 48x72. Each premium print comes in limited editions of 200. Each fine art photograph comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and the individual print number for the Limited Edition HD Acrylic, Silver Halide metal, and Chromalux metal prints. Purchasing a premium fine art print from this gallery can be done by clicking the drop down menu found on each print. Click on the image, select the print size and medium and continue to checkout.