Acrylic Prints seem to be the best way to print fine art photographs these days. What is an acrylic print? In simple terms, it is a photograph printed on a piece of acrylic (plexiglass). There are 2 ways to print on acrylic. Either printing directly on the acrylic or the face mount method. Printing on the acrylic is the cheaper, easier way but the face mount is much higher quality. When you are spending money for a premium fine art photograph, always go with the higher quality print.

Face mount Acrylic prints are done by printing on a high quality archival paper like Fujiflex Crystal Archive then layered between a white poly surface and a Tru-Life® acrylic layer. The face mount process allows the print to last over 100 years, provides a 3D look to the print, blocks 99% of UV rays, anti-reflective, etc.

The Premium Fine Art acrylic prints I offer have an 1/8 inch acrylic face mount print, a 6 mm Komatex backer and a 1.3 inch float frame.


Although I offer several options for printing (paper, metal, acrylic), acrylic prints are superior to the others. Paper prints must be framed and by the time you pay a framer, have museum quality non-reflective glass, and matting, the price is almost as much as an acrylic print. Metal prints are easy, lightweight, easy to clean, and offer a great high gloss finish, the reflection of light can make the image hard to see. Acrylic on the other hand, has the best of everything. It is UV resistant, non-reflective so you won't get the glare from light, easy to clean, it is ready to hang, and an option to have it framed. With the Lumachrome paper and the Tru-Life non-reflective acrylic, the images will have a 3D quality because the light is enters the acrylic from all directions causing the image have a "glow".

To get the best out of your premium fine art photography collection, choosing the right print material is something only you can determine for the space and the print you choose. Although acrylic is the best in most circumstance, it may not fit the decor of your interior. Please contact me with any questions you have regarding choosing the right print material for your needs. I'm more then happy to help you with your fine art decisions.