Studies have shown that being in nature has a positive and healing affect on people.After having a bad day at work, taking a walk around the neighborhood can revive your senses and clear your mind. But, have you thought that maybe the day was having a bad you? Probably not but that’s ok.

With the 24 hour news cycle and the constant barrage of social media posts, the world appears ugly in so many ways. I do what I can to not pay attention to the news and I closed my Facebook account a long time ago. I don’t need or want the constant negativity in my life. Everyone is an expert at everything and have to voice their opinion which I don't care about. If I wanted your opinion, I would've asked. What brings joy to my day is walking up the stairs at home and seeing my fine art prints of waterfalls and fall color. I get a sense of calm by the time I reach the top of the stairs and all my problems from the day are gone.Well, not all the time.

Landscape images help promote healing in the body.

Mount Shuksan reflecting in Picture Lake with the glow of the rising sun. Mount Shuksan is over 9,000 feet high and one of the amazing peaks in the North Cascades and Mount Baker Wilderness. Limited edition of 100 prints available.


I have read studies that show when a person is in nature, our brain focuses on survival like food, water, shelter. The basic three elements. When this occurs, you’re able to focus on tasks easier because your mind is clear. Of course, we can’t be in nature all the time. Between jobs, family priorities, and inclement weather, maybe once a week is all we get. But my philosophy is there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing choices. I know, I know, this saying is not good for tornadoes, lightning strikes, and gore-tex is only waterproof for so long. When you’re not able to be in nature, having your space filled with fine art nature and landscape prints is the next best thing. By simply looking at fine art nature prints, studies show the stress of life will be reduced. A study from 2015 showed that during a stress test, the participants’ level of stress lowered when shown photos of nature versus buildings. My experience of this happens when on a backpacking trip. Whether I’m out for 1 night or 5, I don’t think about work, family, or anything else that causes stress. I don’t do this on purpose, it’s a byproduct of being on a backpacking trip. I focus on how far I need to hike, set up camp, get some food, figure out a sunset or astro photography location. The process starts over the next day. No stress, no worries, just being in nature fills my soul with anything but stress.

Flower photographs and stress reduction.

This flower reminds me of a Lamprey fish or something from Star Wars. The Lamprey's mouth is a toothed funnel and they feed by boring into the flesh of other fish. Sitting at home on a miserably wet and windy day, I purchased some flowers and pulled out the macro photography gear. A good way to spend a day inside.


So how can nature and landscape photography prints help your healing. Well, you know that feeling after a massage? That is caused by the Parasympathetic nervous system. This system is responsible for inhibiting the Sympathetic system. The Sympathetic system causes increased heart rate and stops digestion. Basically, the system used when working out. The Parasympathetic system lowers the heart rate, maintains the resting heart rate and promotes digestion. Nature and landscape photographs activate the Parasympathetic system, which in turn, starts the relaxation process of the brain. If you’re like me and have “white coat hypertension”, then trying to relax at the doctor’s office can be challenging. If doctors, dentists, or any other office setting has nature and landscape photographs, the staff, patients, and clients would relax during the visit. Maybe doctors should remove the creepy skeleton in most offices and replace it with nature photographs. I know that would help me.

Flowers photographs reduce stress.

The weather has been terrible in the Pacific Northwest this fall so I thought I would break out the macro lens, buy some flowers and stay inside. The pink color and petal design brings a warm feeling to cold, rainy days. Every time I look at this image, it reminds me of warmer days as it's pouring rain and windy in the PNW. Limited Edition of 100 prints available.


So what nature and landscape photos work best? That question depends on the person. If you like nothing more than watching the sunset on the beach, then find those images. If you’re into astronomy, I have several milky way prints for sale in the Mountains and the Night Sky Gallery. Everyone is different. Choose the nature and landscape prints that work best for your needs. If the prints are for an office, maybe fine art prints with lots of green like images from my Palouse Gallery. Green represents nature and reduces anxiety. If you lead a stressful life and need healing, fine art nature and landscape photographic prints are just what the doctor ordered. Not that creepy skeleton in the office.


Not all of us can afford a large fine art nature photograph that can cover a large section of wall. If this is the case, why not visit an art gallery? Galleries exist in almost every city but you need to find one that has nature photographs. If you live in a big city, find the local art museum. We have the Seattle Art Museum in downtown along with countless galleries throughout the city. Although it can be tempting to buy the art from the gallery, it's always bette to contact the artist directly for a more personal connection. You don't get that when dealing with a gallery.

How to choose the right print for your home to reduce stress.

The glow of sunrise in the Palouse, Washington while standing on Steptoe Butte. The sunlight cast a warm glow as it rises across the fields with 4 silos and a lone tree. The warm light, the darker shadows all combine to create the contrast of light and dark in the Tuscany of Washington. Limited edition of 100 prints available.

Milky Way over Mount Shuksan at the mount baker ski resort

The Milky Way Galaxy shining over Mount Shuksan at the Mount Baker Ski Resort. Photographing the Milky Way Galaxy in March is an experience that does not happen often it the Pacific Northwest. The forecast was for clear skies so taking the chance to photograph the Milky Way was worth the 2.5 hour drive to the Mount Baker Ski Resort. Limited edition of 50 prints available.