About Randy Bott

photography in the redwood state and national parks

I'm sitting by the tent watching the sunset and the golden light wash over the mountain peaks south of Mt. Adams. The tent was lit up with a small lantern and it appeared to be glowing after the sunset. The pink and blue hues of the Alpenglow was strong and the scene was amazingly beautiful. I reached in my pocket to get my phone to take a picture.

The road to photography began at that moment. The sunsets and sunrises, the amazing waterfalls and scenery I would be able to capture having an actual camera and not just a phone is the thought running through my head. It was time to crawl in my tent, get a good night’s sleep and be ready to summit Mt. Adams a few hours later.

My goal as a photographer is to find amazing scenes with the best light possible. Whether it is oceans, mountains, or city skylines, composition and light give my photographs a unique style. All my photographs are for sale and printed using the best archival materials available.

Every image is a limited edition, signed and numbered with a Certificate of Authenticity. Once the print is sold out, the image will be removed from the website. I take great pride working with customers and please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns you have about my art. I will return your inquiries within 24 hours. Check back on a regular basis as I'm always producing new prints for purchase. Thank you for checking out my limited edition prints.