Not all images have to be grand landscapes to be powerful. Maybe there is a small section of a grand landscape you find interesting. What about Intentional Camera Movement (ICM)? Slow down the shutter speed and move the camera while taking a photo. Abstract images can be a fun way to create photographs when the light is not cooperating or you want to be different. When I arrive to a location and the light is not great, focusing on the shapes, details, or colors becomes the subjects of the images. This is what make photography interesting and hard. Keeping an open mind and adjusting to the current conditions can be tough. I get focused on the reason I arrived at a location and forget to pay attention to the small details which can be more interesting than the grand landscape.

Sometimes the weather is terrible and staying inside is plan for the day. Creating macro photography can be done with almost any subject. One of the best parts of macro is the entire image doesn't have to be in focus. Only a small, important part of the subject. The hard part is making sure the background matches the subject in color and tone. Learning macro photography has been a fun project this fall and winter and a good way to improve my over all camera and composition techniques.

Prints come in a variety of sizes from 16x24 to 36x72. Each premium print comes in limited editions of 200. Each fine art photograph comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and the individual print number for the Limited Edition HD Acrylic, Silver Halide metal, and Chromalux metal prints. Purchasing a premium fine art print from this gallery can be done by clicking the drop down menu found on each print. Click on the image, select the print size and medium and continue to checkout.