Metal prints are a unique and innovative way of creating images by transferring them onto an aluminum substrate. The process of creating these prints is initiated by either printing the image directly onto the metal, using dye sublimation inks, or printing the image on a transfer paper such as Fujiflex Crystal Archive.

When printing on a transfer paper, the image is first printed in reverse and then transferred onto the aluminum sheet. Heat is then applied to the transfer paper, which causes the inks to infuse onto the metal, producing a vivid and long-lasting image. The resulting metal prints can be produced with varying levels of gloss, ranging from a satin to high-gloss finish.

sunrise of Seattle Waterfront from pier 66 rooftop
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Benefits of Metal Prints

Printing your photos on metal comes with numerous advantages. One of the most significant benefits is the durability of metal prints in comparison to traditional paper prints. Metal prints are less likely to get damaged and are resistant to fading, moisture, and scratches. As a result, the images printed on metal retain their vibrancy and last longer than paper prints.

Another advantage of metal prints is the depth and clarity they offer. The metallic surface of the print reflects light differently, giving your images a unique dimension and depth. The glossy finish of the prints enhances the colours and vibrancy of your photos, making them more appealing to the eye.

Overall, printing your photos on metal provides a stylish and modern way to display your cherished memories. The longevity, durability, and stunning visual appeal of metal prints make them a worthy investment for anyone who wants to showcase their images in a unique and long-lasting way.

Types of Metal Prints

If you're looking for the best way to display your color images, Chromaluxe metal prints are the ideal choice. The process of creating these prints starts with a high-resolution digital image, which is then printed onto a specially coated metal sheet using dye sublimation. This results in a print that is not only durable but also incredibly vibrant, with colors that truly pop.

For those who prefer black and white images, Fujiflex Silver Halide metal prints are a great option. The process for creating these prints begins with printing the image onto photographic paper with up to 610dpi resolution, resulting in high-precision clarity that's as close to perfection as print can get. The photographic paper is then mounted onto aluminum for a sleek and flawless presentation.

Overall, both Chromaluxe and Fujiflex Silver Halide metal prints provide unique and stunning ways to display your images. The choice between the two will depend on your personal preference and the type of image you're looking to showcase.
Mount Shuksan with the Milky Way galaxy in the north Cascades
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Displaying Metal Prints

When it comes to displaying your metal prints, lighting is a key factor to consider. The metallic surface of the print reflects light, so it's essential to choose a location with good lighting. Adding additional lighting can also enhance the vibrancy and depth of your prints.

Another important consideration is the size and placement of your prints. It's crucial to select the appropriate size and placement based on the size of the room, the walls, and other items in the room. The aim is to make the prints the focal point of the room without overwhelming the space.

If you're unsure about the size and placement, consider creating a mock-up of the room to help you visualize the final result. This can be achieved by sending me an email with a photo of the room along with wall dimensions and the size of print you want and I can do a mock up.

Lighting, size, and placement are critical factors to consider when displaying your metal prints. Take the time to select the perfect location and ensure that the prints are appropriately sized and positioned to create an impactful display.


Metal prints provide a unique and exquisite way to showcase your photography. Their durability, vibrancy, and depth make them a striking alternative to traditional paper prints, whether you're a professional photographer or simply looking to display your cherished memories.

We trust that this article has given you a comprehensive overview of the art of metal prints in photography. With the proper care and attention, your metal prints will make a stunning addition to any room. If you have any questions about purchasing premium fine art prints to adorn your home, please feel free to contact me.

metal print attached to the backing