Metal prints are made by applying the image onto an aluminum substrate. The process starts by printing the image on a transfer paper such as Fujiflex Crystal Archive, printing directly onto the metal, or using dye sublimation inks. Using a paper print first, the image is printed in reverse, put on the aluminum sheet, then heat is applied infusing the inks onto the metal. Metal prints can be made with different levels of gloss from satin to high gloss.

sunrise of Seattle Waterfront from pier 66 rooftop
Feel like you are in the scene with limited edition prints from Randy Bott. Pier 66 Sunrise. Limited Edition of 100 Prints Available

When you are wanting premium fine art prints for your home and as an investment, using the dye sublimation on quality metal such as Chromaluxe is the best way to go. The print houses I use print on the Chromaluxe metal using inks that are infused directly into the specialty coated metal. This ensures the premium fine art print will arrive at your door as a high end art piece that will last the test of time and can be passed on for generations.

A couple advantages of metal prints over paper is they are water and scratch resistant. This means you can clean them with a household cleaner and not worry about damaging your premium fine art photograph. Premium fine art archival metal prints are designed to last for decades. Although you can get them framed, the metal prints are ready to hang and framing is not needed. The prints come with an inset rear mounted frame that holds the print away from the wall and has a wire hanger in the back.

Mount Shuksan with the Milky Way galaxy in the north Cascades
Transform your home into a fine art gallery with limited edition prints from Randy Bott. Shuksan Milky Way 2. Limited Edition of 50 Prints Available.

There are cheap metal prints that are basically inks put on the metal substrate and not heat transferred. This type of printing is good for images you have taken with your phone and not looking to spend a lot of money. These prints will not withstand the test of time, colors will fade and the metal is not high quality.

Please reach out to me if you have any questions about purchasing my premium fine art prints to add to you home.

metal print attached to the backing