Limited Edition prints for sale, while not unique one off art pieces like sculptures or paintings, are original works of art. Once the edition sells out, no more will be produced by the artist. Often, the material used to make the print like the photo negative or printing plate may be destroyed. This ensures no more will be produced. In today's digital world, the original photo can be deleted from the hard drive so no more will be printed.


The best reason is value. Limited edition fine art prints will increase in value as the art nears the end of the run. For instance, if you purchase one of my fine art prints from one of my many galleries, the purchase price of the last print in a limited edition run could be double or more than the price of the first print made. This means all the prints sold will be valued at double or more than when they were first purchased. Seems like a logical choice to me, but then I'm the artist selling the prints so I may be a little biased in my opinion of my own art. Some Photographers choose to have their limited edition prints in only 1 size and medium. I chose to have my limited edition prints in HD Acrylic and different sizes but when I sell the number of editions that are specified no more will be sold. A limited edition run of 200 HD Acrylic prints for each image.

Investing in fine art prints.
Fill your home with limited edition fine art prints from Randy Bott Photography. Golden Gate Bridge Black and White. Limited Edition of 100 prints available.


The point of creating Limited Edition prints is to sell out the editions. The scarcity of the limited edition artwork creates value. Knowing the fine art prints will go up in value as an appreciating asset is important. When collectors know the print is a limited, a sense of urgency sets in. There is a good chance if they find the print again being sold by a private collector, the price will be much greater than the original purchase price. Remember, collectors and collectable limited edition prints go hand in hand. Once the number of prints is reached, no more will be made available by the artist.

where to buy fine art prints.
Light up your home office with Limited Edition fine art prints from Randy Bott Photography. South Rim Trail. Limited Edition of 100 prints available.


When you purchase unique items such as sculptures or 1 off items, you only get what it was made from and the price may be out of many collectors price range. Limited edition prints can be made from several mediums depending on size and cost. I have chosen to only sell my Limited Edition prints in HD Acrylic. The same print in metal or paper is an open edition. Many photographers will sell the image only as a limited edition and using all the print mediums they offer. This is a personal choice for all artists and no way is right or wrong. Just different.

print options for fine art prints.
Amazing seascapes on the Oregon Coast. Shore Acres Wave. Limited Edition of 100 prints available.


While some artists have their prints in Fine Art Galleries, most have online art galleries and prints for sale through their website. During the art fair and festival season, you can buy from the artist at the show. Purchasing limited edition fine art prints directly from the artist gives the collector a personal connection. Going through a gallery, the collector loses that connection. Besides, it always makes you feel good to support artists that show the world in a beautiful way. We put in the time to get up early, stay up late, time editing to make the images you want hanging in your home or office. Purchasing a Premium Fine Art print from Randy Bott Photography, you will talk to me directly and no one else. I take great pride in working with collectors of my art therefore I will make sure you are happy with your purchase.

The pandemic hit many artists hard over the last couple of years. Those on the Art Show scene had no where to go. Galleries were not open in many locations, so customers could not see the art and make a purchase. Photographers that offer workshops had to make lots of cancellations losing out on most of their annual income. Some photographers were lucky enough to have Photoshop and Lightroom tutorials to sell on their websites, but many photographers don’t have microphones and recording equipment that is needed.

best way to invest in fine art prints.
Seattle cityscapes from Jose Rizal Bridge. Framing Seattle with the summer foliage. Tree Framed Seattle. Limited Edition of 100 prints available.


Now that you are going to purchase a limited edition print from one of my galleries, you know the quality is going to be the best possible. With the prints being limited in quantity, the quality will be much better than an unlimited edtion. The prints are not made in some large art store like Art.com or Fineartamerica.com where they are making thousands of prints and are not really fine art. My prints are made by the best print shops in the country and shipped directly to the customer. So you have to ask yourself when buying prints if you want high quality limited editions or the same thing thousands of other people have hanging up.


I'm often asked how I price my limited edition prints. Most of the time, the artist will charge two to four times what it costs to have the print made. The reason for this is all the time and effort it takes to get the photo. By the time you figure what your time is worth, driving to the location, editing the image, etc, the increase in price covers the overhead. Limited edition prints value will increase as prints near the end of the run. It could be two to three times more than the first half of the run cost. This added value can used to value the print for insurance purposes.


Purchasing Limited Edition Prints offer several advantages stated above. All my prints are numbered and signed for added provenance. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. Limited Edition fine art prints can transform any home, office, or office building into a fine art gallery.

Importance of limited edition prints.

As the waves of Cape Disappointment State Park reflect off the wall, they get hit by incoming waves and create massive columns of water. During the big storms in winter, Cape Disappointment will never disappoint. You have to be careful because as the high tide comes in, the waves can crash over the rock wall and cause severe injury if you are too close. The Cape Disappointment Lighthouse creates a perfect backdrop for the large waves. The Lighthouse became the 8th active light on the west coast when it was first fired up on October 15, 1856.

black and white Weber Farmstead panorama photograph

One of the many old abandoned farmsteads in the Palouse region of Washington State. The Palouse is considered the Tuscany of America due to all the rolling farm fields. The Palouse is a wonder to see in the late spring/early summer and during the harvest season. The Palouse hills were created through several ice ages as the glaciers moved and ground up the rock into fine dust and silt. Eventually the Missoula Flood deposited the material in several lakes left behind. As the lakes dried up, the winds created the rolling hills you see today by blowing the dust and silt just like sand dunes.

black and white architecture of the twisted building in Seattle

The Nexus Tower of Seattle has a unique look for this city. Taken on a cloud, grey day, converting to black and white was the only choice to portray the mood of this photograph. Looking up at buildings from the street offer a unique perspective that most people don't notice. Limited edition of 100 prints available.