This gallery is a collection of fine art black and white photography by Randy Bott Photography. Black and white photography is an art form of it's own. It's an art form rich with history from artists like Ansel Adams. Removing color from the photograph, an artist can focus on other elements like form, contrast, and shape. Black and white photography is all about contrast between the "Figure" and the "Ground". The "Figure" is the focus of the image and the "Ground" is everything else that draws you into the photo. Using the strategic dodging and burning techniques, I'm able to accomplish this task in my black and white premium fine art images. Black and white images add a simple feel to complex scenes.

PPrints come in a variety of sizes from 16x24 to 36x72. Each premium print comes in limited editions of 200. Each fine art photograph comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and the individual print number for the Limited Edition HD Acrylic, Silver Halide metal, and Chromalux metal prints. Purchasing a premium fine art print from this gallery can be done by clicking the drop down menu found on each print. Click on the image, select the print size and medium and continue to checkout.