How often do you struggle with gifts for the holidays? I’m guessing every year. Even though Christmas is the same time every year, we wait until the last minute to purchase gifts for loved ones. We often struggle because the person we are shopping for has everything he or she needs and the last thing you want to buy is more “stuff”. Well, what about fine art photography prints?

Limited edition fine art prints are not “stuff” and they always look good hanging on the walls. But, make sure the prints are high quality by purchasing from a respected fine art photographer. Therefore, you receive a product that will increase in value over time. Unlike a gift card that will decrease in value because of inflation.


Remember when you were at Mount Rainier and the wildflowers were in full bloom? Or maybe that trip to Arches National Park and you watched sunrise at Delicate Arch. Fine art photography prints hanging in your home or office gallery will remind you of that vacation, or backpacking trip, etc. Every time you see the print, it will transport you to that moment in time. I realize most of you have hundreds of photos on your phone from a trip, but how often do you scroll through the images unless a friend asks you about the trip. Eventually, you delete photos because the memory in the phone is full. Having a large premium fine art print hanging on your wall will never be deleted because of memory issues. Quality prints will last a lifetime without fading unless they’re put in direct sunlight for extended periods of time.

Reasons to purchase fine art prints for holiday gifts.
A fond memory of Delicate Arch at sunrise. Sunrise at Delicate Arch. Limited Edition of 100 prints available.


Almost every town has artists. I live in Seattle and you can find an artist for almost anything. Fine art photographers, painters, street performers, etc. During the pandemic, many artists were hurt by not having shows in galleries, art fairs, or any other local venue. Purchasing fine art from local artists will help the economy and allow the artist to continue his or her adventure of creating. Maybe the person is starting a new photography hobby. Instead of buying a fine art print from a photographer, you can gift the person a photography workshop or a post processing session with a local photographer. Make sure the workshop fits the style of photography the person is in to. You don’t want to buy a wildlife photography workshop if the person is into street photography. A simple search of the local area will allow you to find artists that will fit. What about music lessons, or drawing classes? So many options to support local artist when you know someone that is starting their journey into art.


Although exceptions to the rules always apply, everyone enjoys art. Music, photography, paintings, or whatever you’re into is art. Maybe you’re a movie lover and posters of old movies are your thing. Well, there’s a market for that. A quick Google search will bring up many choices for the art lover in your family. The hard part is deciding what piece or material should you buy. With many photographers, the choices we offer are acrylic, metal, or fine art paper. Each one has advantages and disadvantages but look amazing. Whatever you decide, art is perfect for almost everyone in your family. Obviously you shouldn’t buy a 5 year old a framed acrylic panoramic image but you get the point.

Fine art print gift ideas for the holidays.

One of those mornings when I think, why did I get out of bed. It was raining when I left but by the time I arrived at my location, the clouds had some breaks so I was hoping the color would happen. Well, it did so it was worth the effort to photograph the Space Needle and the Climate Pledge Arena for sunrise.


How often do your gifts end up in the back of the closet in the garage, never to be used again? Often I have noticed. Few garages in Seattle are used as their intended purpose. To put a car in. Instead, boxes of “stuff” fill the garage from top to bottom, front to back. Well, when was the last time you opened any of the boxes to find out what’s in it? I’m guessing years. Art that hangs on the wall is not “stuff”. The recipient gets to enjoy the art every day in their house or office for years to come. I get we need “stuff” once in a while, but every year during the holidays, do you want more stuff or do you want a limited edition fine art print (or insert art here)? Something that will last a lifetime or more passed down through generations because it’s not in the closet or a box in the garage. I know I’ve reached the age of not wanting or needing more “stuff” and I’m sure you have as well.

Fine art prints make the perfect holiday gift for those with everything.

A glimmer of light breaking through the clouds to light up the Smith Tower in downtown Seattle on a cold and windy morning. This photograph reminds me that no matter how dark the times are, there is always a bit of light to show the way. The clock tower is the Kings Street train station. Limited edition of 100 prints available.


Buying art for people can be difficult. I will edit an image and like the result because I spent days or weeks on it. Only with black and white images does this happen. I post it on IG and get very few likes because people are more into colorful sunset. It’s personal choice, so spend time with the person you want to buy the art for and learn what he or she likes. Maybe it’s one of my images or another landscape photographer. What about wildlife photographs or concert posters? With so many options, finding art is not the problem. Finding the correct piece of art is the problem. But remember, art is better than “stuff” and can be enjoyed for a lifetime or longer.