Infrared Photography Workshop

Downtown Seattle with Mount Rainier from Kerry Park in the infrared light spectrum

Gaze out upon the urban tapestry of Seattle from the vantage point of Kerry Park, where reality takes on a dreamlike quality in the embrace of the infrared spectrum. The city's iconic skyline, cloaked in the surreal hues of infrared light, transforms into an otherworldly panorama. In this infrared dreamscape, Seattle's essence is distilled into a surreal visual poem. The city's vibrancy and vitality, its connection to both nature and technology, merge seamlessly, inviting viewers to see familiar sights through a new lens – one that whispers of hidden mysteries and unseen dimensions. Limited edition from the Surreal Infrared gallery.


Infrared photography allows photographers to explore the unseen world. Infrared light is just beyond visible light where humans see. Digital cameras have filters covering the sensor that block infrared and U.V. light. By using special filters or having a camera converted to see infrared light, we are exposed to a new world we aren't accustom to seeing.

Check out my Surreal Infrared Gallery for examples of what is possible with infrared photography.


Have you ever thought about getting into infrared photography? Do you have an infrared filter like the Hoya R72 but not sure what to do with it? What about an infrared converted camera? Join Randy Bott Photography for a one day Infrared Photography Workshop. In this workshop, you will learn about setting white balance, focusing issues, and processing techniques and many other aspects of Infrared Photography. The fun part about infrared photography is it's not about the nice sunrise or sunset, it's best done in the middle of the day when the light is harsh.

If you are interested in learning infrared photography, feel free to contact me with any questions you have.

This is a one day workshop and can be scheduled for any date and time based on your availability.

Workshop is based out of Seattle but can travel to other locations for an additional charge.


What You Need For This Workshop:

Infrared converted camera or IR filter like the Hoya R72

Sturdy Tripod

Extra Batteries for your camera

Remote Shutter

Appropriate clothing for the conditions

Processing session will be done over Zoom at a later time after you have a chance to go through your photos and decide which ones you like the best. Processing lesson is approximately 1 hour in length.


Travel to and from Location

Meals during workshop

Photography Equipment