Every now and then I come across something new that will allow my fine art prints to stand out from others. This is a collection of "Oil Painted" images by professional nature and landscape photographer Randy Bott. I enjoy learning different techniques with photography editing and this new look stands out from all other photographers I know. By adding the oil painted look, images were transformed into works of art that can proudly display on the walls of the finest galleries.

Oil Painting has been around for centuries. The advantage of oil over other painting mediums is the flexibility by having a larger range of lights to darks. Used since at least the 12th century in Europe but the oldest known oil painting is from the 7th century. Withstanding the test of time is what every fine art artist wants their work to do. Knowing that your oil painting has been around since the 7th century must make the artist feel good inside. But then, if they were still alive, that would just be weird.

These "Oil Painted" fine are prints are best viewed as large a possible to see the brush strokes.

Prints come in a variety of sizes from 16x24 to 48x72. Each premium print comes in limited editions of 200. Each fine art photograph comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and the individual print number for the Limited Edition HD Acrylic, Silver Halide metal, and Chromalux metal prints. Purchasing a premium fine art print from this gallery can be done by clicking the drop down menu found on each print. Click on the image, select the print size and medium and continue to checkout.