Infrared Editing Tutorial

false color infrared of the Palouse with Steptoe butte in the background

This 2 hour Infrared processing tutorial is designed to teach many ways of editing. While the white foliage and blue or black sky are great, sometimes you want more color and vibrance from your infrared images. I work through many different images captured using different infrared filters. The filters range from the 470 nm Hypercolor up to the 830 nm deep black and white and everything in between. Using the same techniques I teach in this course, I created all the images in my Surreal Infrared gallery.

This course is done using Photoshop but starting in Lightroom and moving to Photoshop will work.


  • Channel Swapping
  • Curves Adjustments
  • IR Editing without Channel Swapping
  • Different IR Filter Editing
  • Easy Luminosity Masks for Targeted Adjustments
  • Fixing Lens Hotspots
  • Photoshop Plugins like Nik Collection, DXO PureRaw, CLIR Panel (plugins are not required for this course)

Run Time: 2 hours