Choosing art for your home can be a bit daunting. What would look good with my decor, what size fine art print should I buy? For the decor, that can be hard since so many colors look good together whether they are the same or contrast each other. What about what type of art to purchase for your home? Do you want an abstract image that is just color and pattern or Mount St. Helens with the Milky Way Galaxy?

Milky Way over mount saint helens.
Create a stunning art gallery in your home with premium fine art prints from Randy Bott Photography. Mount Saint Helens Milky Way. Limited Edition of 100 prints available.


Most people choose a premium fine art landscape photograph because it invokes a memory of a place they have been. After taking a trip to Mount Rainier National Park to see the wildflowers. You get home and notice a large open space on a wall and think a premium fine art print on acrylic would be perfect for that space. Then you think back to when you were at Mount Rainier in the wildflowers, therefore you would like to relive that memory.

I finally made it to Mount Rainier this years to photograph the wildflowers. What an experience it was. The first weekend was a just a scouting mission to see the status of the flowers. The following weekend I set up camp at Cougar Rock Campground for a couple nights and hit many locations of wildflowers. This was the first year I did this. For some reason, I get lazy and don't feel like driving that far but camping out for a couple days makes it worth the trip. Now I understand the attraction and ready to head back next year. Well, maybe. There are many other locations with fabulous flowers throughout the Pacific Northwest that I may do a couple backpacking trips near Mount Baker. Of course, I could go to multiple locations next year. Maybe I will plan on doing that. Mount Rainier and wildflowers fine art prints make a perfect choice when choosing art for your home gallery.

redwood trees and rhododendron flowers blooming in Jedediah Smith redwood grove.
Fill your home with memorable places with nature prints from Randy Bott Photography. Rhododendrons and Redwoods. Limited Edition of 100 prints available.


I get having some abstract art hanging in your home because it invokes emotion, but landscape nature fine art prints bring back memories from recent trips or locations you have been to. This can also bring up the emotion from the memory so you get a double whammy. Memory and emotion. That is like a buy one get one free deal. Whenever I look at my prints hanging on the walls of my home, I can remember everything about that day while getting the shot. Of course, sometimes it was the time shooting the Milky Way at Washington Pass and the mosquitoes were so bad I had to stand around in 80 degree heat with a sweatshirt, pants, rubber boots (swampy area), hat, and gloves to keep from being bitten alive. At least the shot came out better than I hoped. Or the time I was wading in the creek and the water was so cold my knees went numb and my tripod froze after I removed it from the water. I had on my NRS waterproof neoprene socks so my feet stayed warm.

the sun creating a starburst against a tree in the Palouse next to Steptoe butte.
Imagine your home as a premium fine art gallery with prints from Randy Bott Photography. Tree Starburst. Limited Edition of 100 prints available.


I was reading a study one time about being out in nature. As a person who does backpacking trips I have found while on these trips I don't think about work or anything else even though they are only up to 4 days. Any more than that and I get tired of packing up my "home" and moving to the next location. When you are in nature, especially on backpacking trips, your brain goes into more of a primal mode where the only important things are food, water, and shelter. Almost all other distractions are left behind. This feeling brings a calming sensation over a person (unless you are being chased by a bear or mountain lion) and you can focus on tasks much better. But there is a limit to this. I have found the days of 20+ miles with a full backpack on, I can't really focus on anything until the ibuprofen and food kick in. Next time you are out for a walk try going to an arboretum or nature trail instead of walking on the sidewalks next to the street with all the noise of the city. If you pay attention, you will notice most of life and work distractions have left. This is one of the many benefits of purchasing one of my premium fine art prints from one of these galleries.

fall color in the Tumwater Canyon
Fall colors can really bring your home office to life with prints from Randy Bott Photography. Fall Color 2. Limited Edition of 100 prints available.


Purchasing premium fine art prints can be difficult as there are many choices. Do you want the memory of the wildflowers and mountains, or the seascape from the Oregon Coast, or many other places? So many choices, so little wall space. Unless you have a giant mansion with unlimited wall space then there are more options.

The moral of the story is that having nature photography prints hanging on your walls from one of these galleries can bring that same sense of calm to you as being in nature. Please reach out if you have any questions about my fine art prints by using my Contact Page and I will get back to you as soon as I can.