As a landscape photographer, separating yourself from the others can be difficult. The “Hero Shot” is the same one we all get and for good reason. It has the best composition for the location. How can you make the same shot different? The obvious solution is better light, but what about making the image into a “Triptych”? To begin with, what is a “Triptych”? That is the question most people ask when they hear the word. This blog post will discuss all things tryptic, so you will have a better understanding why purchasing one will separate your home gallery from your friends.


Triptych photography examples are any 3 images that create a full image or theme. For example, the image below is a theme of red barns in the Palouse. Most of my triptych images are panoramas that are split into 3 sections. Triptych ideas are only limited by the imagination. They can be 2 small images on the left with one on top of the other and a large one on the right. It can be set up with a large one on top and two smaller prints below or any combination you can think. Just remember that it can only be 3 images so set it up how you want. There is no right or wrong way.

Triptych photos for your home gallery.

The Palouse has some of the best barns for landscape photography. In fact, it has some of the best landscapes for landscape photography. The rolling loess hills, red barns, old vehicles, blue skies, and on and on. This triptych offers 3 of the best images for red barns I have taken in the Palouse. Triptychs are 3 separate images designed to hang next to each other in your home gallery. Limited Edition of 50 prints available.


The easiest way to create a photo triptych is to divide a panorama into 3 equal parts. The more complicated way is to find 3 similar images that work well together. Creating a triptych from 3 images requires the photographer to shoot with triptych ideas in mind. Randomly shooting 3 scenes will not make a good triptych. The lines, colors, skies, and subject all play a part. The images need to be edited the same as well or use colors that are opposite each other on the color wheel. For example, yellow and blue are opposite of each other. If one image has a yellow tint, the other has a blue tint and the center one has a mixture of both, that could work. If you try this with blue and red, it won't work. Colors are very important in art and triptychs. Give this technique a try next time you're out shooting and see what you can come up with. It's a great creative challenge.

How to create triptych photographs.

An overnight rain and snow storm covered the Mount Sneffels mountain range in a light dusting of snow. Although the light did not quite work out like we wanted the scene with the fall color and hay bales was a perfect combination. The Double RL Ranch owned by Ralph Lauren offers perfect views of the Sneffels Range. Offering a panoramic fine art print as a triptych is a unique way to present the image in your home or office gallery. The size of the image is the combined width and height of all 3 images. Limited Edition of 50 prints available.


Creating triptychs can be a long process. It may take years to finally get 3 images that work together. For example, I create a panorama of downtown Seattle with the Space Needle on the left third of the image. Now I try to make the triptych and the Space Needle will be cut in half or other similar issues will occur. Obviously, if you are making a cityscape into a triptych, some buildings will cut in half. What about an ocean scene with a dock going from one side to the other. That won't work but if the dock was right down the middle, it would be perfect. If the images are similar, such as those in my Palouse Gallery, they may not work because the atmosphere and light are different. Triptych need a lot of thought, so putting any 3 images together does not work. Look for strong vertical lines in your images or abstract pieces. When the triptych is made of 3 separate images and not 1 image cut into 3, have the leading lines converge to the center. This creates a strong presence in the center image. Use 3 images from the same area taken a few minutes apart so the light and atmosphere are the same. The advantage of using abstract images is you can flip and rotate them in Photoshop to get the lines to work and no one will notice. Images where the focus is in the center work the best for dividing into a triptych. The triptych below was taken in the Palouse during harvest time in August. The outside images were from Steptoe Butte taken a few minutes apart, the middle image was the next morning. The tree in the middle is the same tree on the right.

Creating triptych photographs for fine art prints.

The Palouse is August during harvest time is when very few photographers arrive. I finally made it during the harvest for a few days on my way back to Seattle from Eastern Oregon. I think it is my new favorite time of year. The warm hues of the fields, the golden hours during sunset casting shadows across the loess hills, creating a sense of warmth. This triptych of images was taken during the harvest season. The 3 images are designed to hang close together in your home gallery. Limited Edition of 50 prints available.


Any 3 images put together can be a triptych but it doesn't mean it looks good. Using a panorama split into 3 but dividing an important part of the image is not what you want. Triptych are about a theme, light, atmosphere, etc. The images tell a story. Buying limited edition triptychs should be fun and start a conversations with anyone who sees it. Use it to fill a large wall space that only a triptych can. Maybe a panorama is too small, maybe the panorama can't be printed large enough. A triptych can have 3 images that are 30x45 resulting in an image that is 135 inches wide. Print shops may not be able to print 135 inches but they can do 45 inches. Now you can have the panorama but in a triptych for a new look. Next time you want a large print for your home or office gallery, think about adding a triptych for something different. Check out my Triptych Gallery for more images. If you have any questions please use my Contact Page for any questions. Until next time, remember, unless you are being paid, fill the frame with what you like.

Triptych photographs to elevate your home gallery.

A lone silver barn hiding in the shadow during sunset from Steptoe Butte. Steptoe Butte offers some of the best views in Palouse during sunrise and sunset. One of the very few places I have been to where cloudless sunrise and sunsets work the best. The gold light washes over the loess hills creating a contrast of light and shadow on the green and yellow fields. The 3 separate images are designed to hang near each other as a triptych. Limited Edition of 50 prints available.

dallas divide view with mount sneffels in the background in the San Juan mountain range.

Standing at the Dallas Divide near Ridgway, Colorado just after a storm rolled through the area showing off the brilliant fall color. A single image would not do this scene justice so I made panorama then divided it into a tryptic. The pointy peak in the background is Mount Sneffels standing 14,158 feet tall and located in the Uncompahgre National Forest. A triptych fine art print offers a unique way to display the image in your home or office gallery. Limited Edition of 50 prints available