Infrared photography and shooting in the middle of the day.

I was looking for some old barns and houses on the Googles one day and came across Waterville, Washington. Never heard of it and didn’t know where it was. After more research I found out that it is a small farming community in eastern WA and it has a couple old barns and houses.

I had a grand plan of loading up my bike to ride up to Artist Point near Mt. Baker. After looking at the weather radar, it was raining where I wanted to ride. I’m not driving 2.5 hours to ride in the rain. It rains enough in Seattle. Because of the rain, I packed up my stuff and headed east. Not sure where I was going or what I was going to shoot but sometimes that is the adventure. I suddenly found myself in Waterville 3 hours later with an awesome old house in a field. It was the perfect scenario for infrared so I broke out the IR camera went to town.

It was also a good opportunity to think about shooting black and white or sepia. Always shoot in color and convert it to black and white as this gives you more control in post processing.

After several hours and a couple more houses and barns, I made the 3 hour trip back to Seattle. It was a good day and scouting and shooting.

Blue Sky House.jpg