Photography on a Budget 2

My last post was trying to focus on realizing that you don’t need to spend money on new equipment that you don’t need. A new announcement happened recently with Sony. They decided to bring out the A7RIV. While this seems like an amazing camera at over 60 megapixels and I’m sure a lot more option, do you really need to spend the $3500 for it? Will it make your photography that much better? Is there something wrong with your current camera? Probably not.

A lot of people that have pre ordered the new A7RIV already use the A7Riii. Think about what you could do if you spent that money on a photography trip. Where could you go and for how long? Add new locations to your portfolio photos. That sounds better than having a new shiny toy on your shelf that takes the same photos of the same locations you have shot many times already. Sure the photos will have more detail but anyone viewing your photos on IG or Facebook won’t notice.

Even better, what if you put that money towards your retirement. If that $3500 is invested at 8%, in 30 years it will be worth ~ $35,000 without putting anymore money in. I understand it is your money and you can do what you want, but spending money on getting out of debt or funding retirement seems like a much better way to go than a shiny new toy.

The good thing about new cameras coming out is the last model is now on sale. Currently the A7Riii is around $2500. If you are looking to upgrade from the A7Rii, that would be a good choice for $1000 less that A7RIV.

What about lenses? You have been saving for the new 70-200 f/2.8 at $2500. What about going with a Tamron or Sigma for $1200 less? The only name brand lens I have is the Canon 16-35 f/4. Otherwise my 24-70 f'/2.8, 70-200 f/2.8, and 150-600 are all Tamron G2 lenses. You can buy 2 of these lenses for the price of 1 Sony G master lens. If you make your living with photography then you will want to spend the money for the sharpest lenses and best focusing system possible but most of us don’t need to worry about that.

These are just my thoughts on spending money you may or may not have to get the latest and greatest toy that really won’t make your photos any better. It seems like many people get caught up in spending money they don’t have on objects they don’t need to impress people they don’t know. Just focus on staying within your budget and don’t go into debt buying new toys for your hobby. Just my 2 cents.

Remember, unless you are getting paid, fill the frame with what you like and have fun.