Not Motivated to Shoot

I wanted to talk about an issue all photographers run into once in a while. Not being motivated to get some shots. Sometimes you shoot so much that you burn out. Your life becomes busy and can’t set aside time to get out. You’re just tired of shooting the same things all the time because you don’t have time travel somewhere.

The last one is what has happened to me lately. I don’t want get the same shots from Jose Rizal Bridge, Kerry Park, Pier 66 etc. around Seattle. While it is important to go back to the same location over and over to get the shot you have always envisioned it still gets boring. I was fortunate that we recently had a lot of snow in Seattle so these same tiring shots were now worth revisiting. Now the snow is gone so I don’t want to go back to these locations for a while.

One way to get around this is to give yourself a photography challenge. Go back to the same locations but only use a telephoto lens like a 70-200mm, 100-400mm, 150-600mm, etc. Now you take a scene that is usually shot with a wide angle lens and turn it into an intimate shot of the same scene. Take this scene from Kerry Park. It is the same one everyone gets except the Space Needle was pink for New Years and something to do with T-Mobile. The Space Needle is the main subject and Mt. Rainier is in the Background.

Pink Needle 2.jpg

This next image is from the same location at Kerry Park but a few days later so the Space Needle is not pink. However, there is nothing else in the image but the top of the Space Needle. I used my Tamron 150-600 G2 lens for this shot to focus only on the top of the Needle.


This is just one example of how to become motivated again. You could also try something new. I have been thinking about doing some street photography. Of course it would be easier if I didn’t have to deal with traffic in Seattle or pay for parking every time I go downtown.

I will also put my extension tubes on and take some macro photos. Getting up close to your subject like flowers or bugs is more challenging than I would have thought. I realized the more macro photos I took, the more I learned the background is as important as the subject. Take a look at this photo and you can see how the background is the same color as the subject. I also learned that not much has to be in focus. As long as some part of the subject is in focus, that is all that matters.


This next photo I took while walking home from work one day. It was a weed in someone’s yard but but up close you wouldn’t know it’s a weed.

Macro Weed.jpg

What about taking a trip just for photography? Many times shooting some place new will bring back the drive. It doesn’t have to be a far away land but it should be for a couple days. For me, going to the Palouse in June is an amazing time to get back into shooting. Spending the weekend shooting and riding my bike in a new place brings back my passion for both and it is only a 5 hour drive from Seattle

Next time you are not motivated to shoot, try something new, or just put the camera away for a while. There is nothing wrong with not shooting for a few days, weeks, a month etc. The drive will come back and you will be having fun again. Happy shooting and always fill the frame with what you like.