Photographing the Canadian Rockies

During the Christmas holiday we headed up to Banff to enjoy the amazing scenes of the Canadian Rockies. We really wanted to go cross country skiing but there was not enough snow in Banff to groom the trails and Lake Louise was a 45 minute drive each way. With the sunrise at almost 9 am and sunset at 4:30 pm, we figured with so many other things to see and do we would have plenty on our plate without skiing. Low and behold, I got a head cold by day 2 and wasn’t really feeling like doing much strenuous activity.

However, I did feel like going out and standing in the -15 c weather waiting for the sunrise every morning. At least I was dressed for the weather but that still didn’t keep my hands and toes from freezing every morning.

The scenes of the Canadian Rockies are amazing and something everyone should see at least once in their lifetime. From Mt. Rundle in Banff to all the amazing peaks along the Icefields Parkway, you will not grow tired of the views.

One of the days I was looking for compositions of Castle Mountain and came across a set of North Face Hyvent mittens. I stayed in the area for over an hour and no one showed up for I brought the mittens home for Dina. They were too small for me and after a good washing, they fit her perfectly.

Aside from the head cold, it was an amazing trip and cannot wait to go back during a warmer time of year. We are thinking the end of September next year to catch the fall colors and miss all the summer crowds. For now, enjoy my vlog and the photos.

Vermillion Morning Mist.jpg