Backpacking to photograph the Milky Way

I recently took a couple days off work to backpack into Tank Lakes in the Cascade mountains. The weather was not looking good for the weekend so heading out Wednesday and Thursday was the best option. It was a hard hike but worth the effort. Only 1 other person was out there, and the weather was perfect for the Milky Way. The trail started off with 5 miles of flat terrain that I was able to cover in about 1.5 hours. Then it went up for 2.5 miles and 2500 vertical feet. I stopped for lunch at the first lake in Necklace valley before continuing on to Tank Lakes. The lakes are about 11 miles 1 way and it took me 5 hours. The views from the lakes were amazing with Summit Chiefs, Chimney Rocks, and Overcoat peaks to the South. Iron Cap mountain was the view to the west.

If you have ever thought about backpacking for photography, just start doing it. If you don’t have experience with this, find someone local that can take you out and show you the best practices for backpacking and photography. The gear can be expensive but spend the money on the best gear you can afford. Some say it is like spending a small fortune to be homeless. This is mostly true but being comfortable in the mountains is important. Good goretex clothing will never be money wasted.

In the following video, there is a section where I go through the gear I take with me. Lightening my backpack was a goal of mine this year so I spent some money on a new tent, quilt, backpack and a few other items. I also have links at the bottom of this blog post with my gear. These are not affiliate links and do not benefit me at all.

Enjoy the video and if you have any questions, feel free to send me an email of leave a comment below the video.

Tanks Lakes Reflections 2.jpg