Why is the Light Behind Me?

Somedays I get up and want to photograph the sunrise. But I also don’t want to drive very far. This day I decided to head over to Bellevue because I saw a photo of the buildings reflected through water. With a little Google searching, I found the pool and headed off. I worked for a bit trying to find a good composition. As I walked around the pool, the reflection would change and trying to find the right one took some time. I also had to deal with the leaves on the sidewalk and how it all works together.

I finally found the composition and the light happened behind me. There were no clouds above the buildings to catch the light. This happens more times than not. Gets a bit frustrating but that’s photography. Luckily the glass on the buildings reflected he glowing clouds so that helped.

I used my IR camera most of the time since the light was not like I was hoping but worked perfect for infrared photos.

Enjoy the video and see what happened that morning in Bellevue.

Bellevue Falls.jpg