Waterfalls and Mountains (and learning to shoot B roll)

When I’m spending the day photographing waterfalls, oceans, etc, I tend to get overwhelmed wile trying to record a vlog as well. Before I know it, I’m done shooting and I didn’t get any video footage. When I do spend the time to get video, I forget the B roll side of it. For those that do not know what B roll is, check Google.

This time when I was out, I remembered to film and try to get some B roll. Try being the operative word. But for a first time, I think it went well. Another thing I did was get a subscription to Epidemic.com. Epidemic is a website that has copyright free music so it can be used for anything you want without legal issues. The biggest advantage to Epidemic is that you can download the whole song, just the singing, drums, guitar, or any other single part of the song.

I was looking around not the waterfallsnorthwest.com website tryin to find some good waterfalls that weren’t a long drive from Seattle. I settled on the Suiattle River road since it is only about 1.5 hour drive north. The falls are not very big but worth the drive. Not only were the falls worth photographing, I came across a cloudy scene with forests and mountains. Mt. Chaval was poking out of the clouds so I had to stop and get some shots. This was also a good opportunity to get out the Tamron 150-600 G2 lens to zoom in on the mountains and forests. I have not had the lens very long so I’m still learning how to use it and the proper camera settings when zooming in to 600mm.

Enjoy my latest video of my trip to the Suiattle River road.

Grade Creek Falls

Grade Creek Falls