Cold Winter Sunrise at Artist Point

Woke up at 3 am, left at 3:30 am to drive 2.5 hours to Mt. Baker Ski area. From there, I walked up the road for 2 miles to Artist Point to photograph the sunrise. It was cold, sometimes my camera did not want to work, my gimbal was having issues, and I almost fell down a couple times walking on the ice. Once I sorted out my issues, things went much smoother for the rest of the trip. The best part, was that there were only 2 other people at Artist Point.

Although the skies were clear, the first light touching the mountains had a wonderful soft golden color that lit up the snow beautifully. I was able to get out the Tamron 150-600 G2 lens and really focus in on the mountains to the north. American Border Peak, Mount Larrabee and the Winchester Mountain lookout. Looking south, Baker Lake had a nice fog layer along with filtered light streaming towards it. The morning mist and mountains created a nice image that I knew would look good as a black and white. After spending about an hour at Artist Point, I decided it was time to head back and stop at the Wake N Bakery in Glacier for some bakery treats.

On the way to the bakery, I drove up a forest service road that I found on Google maps. There is a nice creek that I stopped and photographed but I will discuss that in a later blog after I go back up and spend more time focusing on the creek.

For now, enjoy the video from the morning.

Mountain Pano.jpg