Death Valley/Mono Lake

Living in the Pacific Northwest, the winters can drag on longer than they should. After watching a couple videos on Death Valley, I took a couple days off work and drove down there. The first stop was Boise to pick up my step father Mitch since he needed some time in the sun as well. 10 hours after leaving Boise, we arrived in Death Valley. It was 95 degrees and coming from Seattle I wasn't sure I was going to survive the heat. We spent the weekend camping and trying to survive for the next couple of days. After suffering for a few days, we decided to head 3.5 hours north to Mono Lake and photograph the Tufas. The temperature was much cooler as well. Going from 95 degrees to almost freezing sure was nice. We opted for a hotel that night so we could shower and feel clean before driving 8 hours back to Boise. The sunset at Mono Lake was not great but the sunrise the next morning made the trip worth it. If you have never been to Mono Lake, it is well worth the trip as a photographer. The Tufas are quite amazing. Here is the video of our trip.