Dash Point Pier

I was pouring over Google Maps one day looking at the coast of Puget Sound. Docks, large rocky outcroppings or anything that would be a good subject was on the actually hard to find. As I moved south, there was a pier in Federal Way in the Dash Point Area. Okay, I have a location now to go on a scouting mission the next day.

I got up but didn't think much of the sunrise so I left a bit late. Driving to the pier, the clouds were turning amazing pinks, oranges, yellows, and all other colors of the sunrise. After arriving, there was still some color left so I grabbed my gear and went to the shore. I was in a hurry and got some shots of the color and some long exposure. When the color was gone from the clouds, I pulled out my Lee Big and Little Stopper neutral density filters. I was able to get a few shots with smooth water and some movement in the clouds. When the conditions are not perfect for photos try to think of interesting ways to get some more shots.

While the colors were good on some of the photos there was a bit of a gap between the dock and mountains. This gap causes a distraction in the photo and draws your eye to it. However, you also realize that this is a learning process and now you will pay more attention the next time. There are always more sunrises and sunsets to photograph to so don't be discouraged if one doesn't turn out right.