Hoping for bad weather to get some black white photos

The weather on Friday was suppose to be raining and windy. I was thinking about getting some black and white photos during the bad weather. Morning came around and off the Dash Point Pier again. It was dark when I arrived but noticed the weather was not a terrible as I was hoping. I realized with the breaks in the clouds, it would be a good chance for some long exposure as the wind was moving the clouds at a good speed. I moved around the pier to find the best composition and I the one I like the best was from being on the pier and not off to the side. It is important to remember that when you have time, work the scene. Take as many photos as you can from different locations. What you think is the best composition may not be when you get home and look a your photos on a large screen. But also remember when doing long exposure, you need to bring many batteries to maximize your number of photos. In all, it was a good day that yielded some nice black and white and color photos.

Remember to fill the frame with what you like and keep shooting.