Snoqualmie Falls on a cold January morning

During the week I was trying to figure out where to go for good landscape photos. Realizing it has been below freezing for over a week, Snoqualmie Falls seemed like a good option. Hoping there were plenty of ice surrounding the falls I got up early on a Friday and headed out. Sunrise was around 8 am and the drive is about 45 minutes. Driving through Issaquah WA, a temperature sign said 20 degrees at about 6:30 am. That means it would be at least 15 degrees at the falls. Not too bad but enough to make your fingers go numb if your gloves are off for any amount time.

Arriving around 7 am, I was the only one at the falls which was quite nice. Several of the trails were closed due to icy conditions and this includes the trail to the lower view point. The spot lights were shining on the falls which is not good for photos unless bright spots in the middle of your photos is what you like. 

It was clear morning which was not what I was hoping for so I had to make due with what I had. I focused the camera more not the falls and tried to keep the sky out of the frame. The water was amazingly clear since most of the time it has a lot of mud and silt in it from all the rain. The pool at the bottom of the falls had an amazing blue color that made all the ice look more white that it most likely is. 

After about an hour of shooting at the upper view point, I got back in my car and went to the lower view point. Some people climbed over the railing so they could get closer to the falls but that did not seem like a wise decision. However, having those people close to the falls gave a real scale to how big the falls really are. One of the photos has a person it but you have to look closely to find them.

After shooting for about 30 minutes, the good lighting was mostly gone so I packed up and headed out. My fingers were mostly numb and I was not able to use the touch screen on the back of my camera. I didn't realize having frozen figures would keep them from working the touch screen.  

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Remember to keep shooting and always fill the frame with what you like.