Product shoot and the last of the fall colors

Met up with on Friday for a product shoot. I was heading up the Mountain Loop Highway hoping to find the last of the fall colors. Didn't find much but was able to get some product photos near a small river. Went to North Fork Sauk River Falls since I have been hiking in the area for years and never went there. Due to all the rain, the falls were raging so I was not able to get a shot I was hoping. There was so much mist from the river that my lens would be covered in water in a matter of seconds. 

Headed back to Tumwater Canyon near Leavenworth to see about shooting the last of the fall color. Focused more on getting the intimate landscape over the grand landscape due to the weather  and missing fall color. Very rainy but at least the wind was calm so I was able to get some good long exposure shots for moving water. After leaving the canyon I headed out towards Lake Wenatchee and found a nice meadow with a lot of color. The composition was difficult but I was able to get a shot. In all, the fall colors in the Pacific Northwest are done so now I'm trying to find another type of landscape for the next few months.